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Institute of Biology 


The Institute of Biology is located on Savaria Campus of University of West Hungary, in Szombathely (map). Szombathely is a lovely small town on the western border of Hungary, where the Lower Alps mountain meet the Little Hungarian Plain. Szombathely is the center of Vas County, an area rich in geographical, cultural and ethnical diversity. Szombathely (Savaria) is more than 2000 years old, founded by the Romans in 45 AD. You can find great museumshere, beautiful architecture, lovely countryside, hiking trails, good food and a vibrant student life.

Our institution was funded in 1959 as a teacher training collage and was named after Dániel Berzsenyi. In 2008 we joined University of West Hungary and became a full university offering BSc and MSc degrees in teaching and in basic sciences. University of West Hungary is the fifth largest university in Hungary and this integration placed our training programs in a more effective and valuable position within the Hungarian higher education system. The virtue of our university stands in its well organized training programs, stable and at the same time dynamically adapting education structure, favorable regional position, the academic quality of our teachers and researchers, high teacher / student ratio and the excellent collaboration with students. Teacher education in biology started in 1984. Our Institute of Biology consists of two Departments. Department of Zoology and Department of Botany are administering the biology-related programs. The departments are not only educational units, but they are significant, internationally recognized scientific centers in the Alps-Adriatic region.